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Unique ceramic formula diatomite--Improved Flavor,the increased ceramic surface area means that excellent at Storing and Vaporizing more extracted oil.less leaking rate and better flavor.

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VPCore® Independent-Developed Ceramic Heating Core

What's Vape Cartridge and how to choose suitable vape cartridge for your oil

A Vape cartridge is made from three main parts: the mouthpiece, the tank and the 510thread base.

The mouthpiece is the top part of the cartridge that allows the vapor to flow upwards out of the chamber and towards the user. The mouthpiece is usually screwed onto or press into the chamber to seal it, Cartridge mouthpieces are usually made either from plastic, metal, or ceramic material.

The chamber is the central, and largest, part of the cartridge. It sits in the middle of the cartridge, tying the whole thing together. It’s also where the concentrated oil that is vaped goes. Cartridge chambers are typically made from see-through plastic or glass and are sealed at the top by the mouthpiece and at the bottom by the atomizer.

510 thread base is effectively a heating element that is powered up by the battery underneath it. It works to heat up the oil inside the chamber, turning it into vapor and allowing it to move up through the mouthpiece. Some atomizers are heated by the battery when you press the button on the pen. For pens that work without a button, the atomizer heats up when the built-in sensor detects the upwards airflow of an inhale. Atomizers are typically made from either metal or ceramic material.If the vape cartridge work well or not. mainly concern with the ceramic coil abosortion and battery power. if battery voltage too high, it will burn. if battery voltage too low. it hard to vape. for the thick oil in genearal advice choose the 3.7V voltage. 

Created on:2021/08/04 14:58