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Unique ceramic formula diatomite--Improved Flavor,the increased ceramic surface area means that excellent at Storing and Vaporizing more extracted oil.less leaking rate and better flavor.

Vape Pen For High Viscosity Oil

VPCore® Independent-Developed Ceramic Heating Core

What's CCELL Cartridges

What is a CCELL vape cartridge?

CCELL cartridges use ceramic heating core instead of the classic wick based heating technology. Which allows for faster heating  as well as a more pure flavor and without burnt taste.

CCELL excels at absorbing, storing and vaporizing high viscosity extracted oils. so it is the best choice for thick oil.

ccell ceramic heating

Easy to refill CCELL cartridges

  1. Use a blunt tipped needle (14 ga. or smaller) along with the center pole  wall (see the image). Do not overfill.
  3. If you are a oil make. after u fill ok the cartridge, you should screw tight the tips immediately, in case the leaking happened.

Refill ccell vape cartridges

Created on:2021/07/15 11:13