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Unique ceramic formula diatomite--Improved Flavor,the increased ceramic surface area means that excellent at Storing and Vaporizing more extracted oil.less leaking rate and better flavor.

Vape Pen For High Viscosity Oil

VPCore® Independent-Developed Ceramic Heating Core

Ceramic Coil To Cotton Coil

Ceramic Coil VS Cotton Coil?


1.No Burnt Taste From Dry Hits: A ceramic coil reduces the chance that you obtain the bad taste that comes with a dry hit. The nasty taste of singed wick material disappears with a ceramic coil.


2.Reduced Spit-Backs: With a ceramic coil, there is less of a chance of a spit-back. This is because any oil that spits out of the coil must travel through the ceramic before reaching your mouth. Small pores within the ceramics also prevent oil from pooling around your coil.


3.Temperature Regulation: Ceramic coils provide you with the opportunity to regulate the temperature of your vape pen.By contrast, other wicks (like cotton wicks) have no temperature controls and are far more likely to overheat.


4.Better Vapor Integrity: Ceramic coils allow for more Oil to be vaporized while simultaneously maintaining the delivery of the juice. Ultimately, you need less juice because of the ceramic coil’s excellent heating ability.


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